if I rule the WORLD.....

Posted by DiaNaj on 8:52 PM
Life..... I wonder....
Will it take me under.... I don't know....

Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassin
Imagine going to court with no trial
Lifestyle cruising blue behind my waters
No welfare supporters more conscious of the way we raise our daughters
Days are shorter, nights are colder.....
Feeling like life is over, these snakes strike like a cobra
The world's hot my son got not evidently
It's elementary, they want us all gone eventually
Trooping out of state for a plate knowledge
of coke was cooked without the garbage we'd all have the top dollars
Imagine everybody flashin, fashion
Designer clothes, lacing your click up with diamond vogues
Your people holdin dough, no parole
No rubbers, go in raw imagine law with no undercovers
Just some thoughts for the mind
I take a glimpse into time
watch the blimp read "The World Is Mine"



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"Hello there!! Nice to 'see' all of you again (^;^)...."
What a hot day today,I'm thinking of having an ice blended(Cappuccino Cherry..ngeeee) or some fresh fruit juice..yummy!!yummy!! but that just a dream, the truth is- I'm felt very exhausted right now (cannot think anymore~~zZzZzZzZzZ~~falling asleep)

Ok..ok..back to the main idea..
have you heard somebody names klims???
have you?have you??

heeheh..actually klims not people names but it is a motor exhibition.
KLIMS is stand for Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow.This exhibition been held at Putra World Trade Canter.I thought, i can enter this exhibition for free but the real is, i've to paid RM15 per entry what a waste(actually i only need to pay rm5 if I'm bring along my student id, but i left it at home...ARGHHH!!!)

Let see what i've seen at that exhibition

Lotus Esprit, bring me the spirit~kihkihkih

Chevrolet CAMARO~~transform~~~

Bumble Bee

Adore this one

Hybrid Car by Toyota~~love its design(front view)

(back view)

Not to forget our national car

Proton Lekir with sporty design

Another design from Proton

Perodua Bezza

*Hope you enjoy reading my post~~


no idea!

Posted by DiaNaj on 9:30 PM
actually, i don't really have an idea what to write for this entry right now...haizz..sorry to my partner naj, i really don't know what to write as this is my 1st entry...(sorry OK!) but i promise you, for the next entry i will write more and more extravaganza story or even gossip! ^^ hihi.. but i really fed up when our beloved block B don't have water supply right now! what a mess... huh!


2011 Destination

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Happy new year and welcome to new semester.. hope you enjoy your past one week in our beloved MICET..ehehehe...when talk about new year....what comes to our mind, is new semester,new mission, new goal and etc.(not forget, new hand phone, new watch,as conclusion everything brand new..hahahaa..kidding)

When talk about new semester, we had set new goal to archive(hope so).....

Study continuously (seriously we are trying)

So that, we can Score A++ (pray for us o.k)

Not to practice last minute study anymore..(bad habit but love it )

Hrmm.. One more thing we promise to our self, we wont forget to write new post every week ( ^;^ )

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.
Brian Tracy

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