Birth order trait

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Birth  order trait
Does it really suit you??

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Research shows that a person's birth order has a direct link with his or her personality. This site is dedicated to informing you on how your birth order has shaped you into who you are today, on how your birth order influences your education, and as a guide to both parents and educators on dealing with each specific birth order type. Copyright 2005, Samantha Murphy

Natural LeaderFlexibleRisk-takerClose to parents
High AchieverEasy-goingOutgoingSelf-control
Know-it-allIndependentFinancially irresponsibleDependable
ResponsibleMay feel life is unfairBored easilyUnforgiving
Adult-pleaserStrong negotiatorLikes to be pamperedPrivate
Obeys the rulesGenerousSense of humor

 Some one thing the birth trait order in suit to their personality some not.. maybe a little bit of the birth order has influence to your  personality but you must remember  this not come naturally , it’s all depend on how the parents train their children..and  the child relationship with  other sibling.Are you agree with me??
Parent has rise up their children full of love and disciplines also train them too be in good manners.So, right now try to throw away your bad side and try to polish your good side.

credit to Google

Find your parent, hug them and say thank you for rise you up as a good person. 


yeah...that's personality is really match with me as a last child of the two siblings

hehe..oh yeah...financially irresponsible..???it that you my dear friend?so you can pay me as you financial consultant..kihkihkih

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