My SmallFarmVille! (part 1)

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Yup! It is just a small farm..(but of course la my smallville doesn’t have Clark Kent ok)..hee 
Well, i have 4 swan (angsa), 3 white ducks (yeah, my duck is really white ya ..), 2 turkeys, a chicken Siamese, a special "ayam kacukan kampung" and the others is regular chicken .. I do love all my pets! Yeah! They are all special to me ...

First, i want to story about my swan which me and my family called ‘AWANG’ for the male and ‘SITI AWANG’ for the female..the name given by my mother because of their sound like this “ang,ang,ang,ang,” so, my mother said that, “arrrggh, we just called them AWANG jela...”hehehe..until today, we are still calling them AWANG,awang,AWANG! <<SORRY ya, for those who got the same name with my swan name, or their father’s name, or their grandfather’s name.we just really love that name << actually, my uncle gives awang and siti awang to my mother to look after them as they live in “taman”, so it is difficult to them to keep awang and siti awang at their house right? I still remember, the first day awang came to my house, they are so so so cute...and they really grown up so fast till become that big! Please scroll down to look my awang and siti awang..

My Awang’s 1st generation. They are just really cute right!

Awang’s newborn babies = awang junior!! 

Awang bath tub .. (‘-’) yup, my awang-awang really like to having bath everyday...hee..

My lovely AWANG’s family! Can you see their “muncung”? hehehe..wrong time,wrong day, u will deserve right with their “muncung”, once they chase after you.. but for me, you dont need to afraid with my awang, because they are all nice.hehehe...trust me...

Finish with awang’s story, next is ADI’s story...hehehe...sure you guys are wondering who is ADI?? Well, ADI is my white duck! Hurrmmm....but my ADI’s story is a bad story, because my  adi’s 1st generation already died and have been sold. Now, i only have 3 adi’s..but before this,i have 13 adi’s..one of them died, 9 of them have been sold. Hurmm.....this because when i come back and stay at hostel, no one can look after them. My mother come back home from work at 7pm, so she dont have time to feed all adi’s family...thats why my mom sold 9 of them....arrgghhh!i really miss all my adi’s!

 Grandmother and grandfather of ADI’s generation..which one is the male???do you know???

Awang and Siti awang with my ADI’s 1st generation

Adi’s 1st newborn babies...

Adididididididididididi! <<1st month<<

My ADI’s 2nd generation family.again, can you guys guess, which one is the male???

My ADI’s 3rd generation family!

“Cheese cheese! Someone take our photo! Cheese!cheese!”

Now = only 3 of them left...

They all are true friends!

they all like a mini zoo to my family, but for the next entry i will upload more and more and more photos from my smallFarmVille! wait ya! and be the first one to comment ya!


you can beat zoo negara also...nice!!

wahh.you got so many awang la weyhh.can i have one? :D

awang will be converted rendang awang...yummy......

yana: yup! i want to beat zoo negara! wait and see!
snas ri: hahahaha...if you want, come to my housw and catch by yourself..hihi..

j.fadh: no way! "step on my dead body first!"

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