mY BesT fRIEND fORever!!

Posted by DiaNaj on 6:22 PM
Syukur Alhamdulillah....having such a great friends like you all really make my life full of happiness...well, let me introduce them to you...from the very left, her name is Nurhafizah binti Mokhtar, which I call her with the name MEL, from Bukit Nangka, Alor Gajah, Melaka. 22 years old, talkative, a bit clumsy, punctual, hardworking, and the important things about her is she is the one who like to be bullying by me and the others. But now, no more Mel with us as she suddenly quit from her degree study due to some reason. Without her, not mean that we already forget about her as we have too much memories with her...If only Mel know that we miss her a lot...hurmm....perhaps....

Next, from the very right, is Nur Najwa Khusyahirah binti Khairuddin, or I call her Naj, <and of course she's also my partner doing this blog..hee> from Taman Maluri, Cheras. 23 years old, but her act really does not seem like she is 23 years old! The quiet one...but sometimes could be the noisy one...hihihi.. having super brain @ inteligent, supportive, gadget lover, workaholic, fierce (only when we study together and we cannot understand some subject as she have to teach us twice!..hehehe) and last but not least she is the one who always advise us to do the right things...

The third one is Norliana binti Ramly, or I often call her as Norliana Ramly BURGER....hehehe... 22 years old, from "peng heng" in Mandarin or Pahang in Malay.. She is the money grubber! All she can see is money,money,money! hehe... The fast talker, cute, less height, and shopaholic or the JUSCO lover! hurmm..when you ask her for a help, she will ask you first the pay, one ringgit! and she often said "SINGGIT" =RM1 when you want something from her..hihi...but I think, all my best friend is the money grubber! Everything is MONEY! Money and Money! You can talk to their hand if you have no money...!

This is Shafiza binti Mat Juzah, <the one with the spoon and fork> from Tangkak, Johor..22 years old, the very happy go lucky one, the beauty, or even the brighter one..hehehe... Very understanding, open-handed or even open-hearted one. The important things about her is she is so sensitive to dust as she got sinus problem. One of her hobby is collecting bags or handbags! Until today, I think she already have 20 <more or less> fashion bags! thats a lot you know! She's just really love fashion as she is the pretty one...hihi...

My bRand New bEst Friends! NO-RAI..

Where ever you see NO, there also you will see RAI! hahaha...everywhere they will always together! hurm....this two twins <but different father and mother> really have the bonding to be together.. RAIRA YUANA binti ISNIN is the one you see at the left and SITI NUR AMALINA binti SHUHAIMY is the one you see at the right. Rai, the little one, the talkative one, the chili lover and also the saver one! While No, the energetic one, the gadget lover, and the most wanted one! hehehe..

To all of you my dear friends, thanks so much for being my best friends and complete my everyday....BFF forever ya!. LOVE U!


we love you tooo :)

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