My SmallFarmVille! (part 2)

Posted by DiaNaj on 11:54 PM

Done with AWANG’s and ADI’s sad story, now is AMOK story....hehehe....still wonder who is AMOK???? Look down!

Hello readers!

Yup, that is amok! Why amok??? As you can see amok’s stomach with a little bit of tail??? Hehehe... Thats why i called this “kacukan ayam kampung” with that name..amok is just too friendly with me..I only need to called its name AMOK, AMOK, sure amok will come to me..even though we have not meet for one or two month,but when i called its name, from the far also amok will run to me... :) because during holiday, my rutin for every evening is to feed all my pets.....no wonder la all my pets so friendly with me right??and i do love doing that job!

My special chicken called AMOK! Once you call its name, sure amok will  come to you!

Can you see the feather at the leg????this is what we called “tuah ayam nampak di kaki”! hee.. yeah...This is my one and only siamese chicken!

Last but not least, i want to story about my turki chickens which i called them as TURKI-MURKI! So noisy one like a bird..Turki-Murki also is Amok bestfriend...and when you called AMOK, even turki-murki also will come to you...they also so friendly with me... :)  i only have a pair of them...white and black....
White Turki murki! <<as i told you, they are bestfriend right?see, only have 3 of them eat together...the others eat at different places you know...<<
Black turki murki!

Can you guess what does black turki-murki do there???

Yeah...actuaally, blacky was spreading its feather to attract the white turki-murki!

It is really beautiful actually, but at this time was the 1st time my black turki-murki do like this..and now, dont you ever make them angry, as they will be like this and chase you!

to be continued..........


what a interesting of your pets....good article to read...another part 3 perhaps??

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